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Wednesday bantering

Trades, transactions and tears

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays
A pillar with Pillar
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Well, it was quite the day yesterday wasn’t it? There were trades, transactions and tears...and it was only a Tuesday! Who knows what will happen on Friday? (nervously eyes Stroman and Smoak)

Its almost too much for words so today’s bantering is mostly brought to you using the medium of Twitter: First lets turn to Superman aka Man of Steal:

Bonus content: this is why we loved him so much:

And in case you missed it, probably the most genuine, honest response to a trade ever:

We acquired the wonderfully monikered Socrates Brito from the Padres:

Charlie Montoyo took some advice on that one:

And Brandon Drury likes the cut of his jib too:

However, Brito brings fun tools...and glaring flaws to the Blue Jays

In other news handsome Randal is sticking around for 5 more years:

And we decided that this Bud wasn’t for us and we released Norris:

More Jays news

Yesterday’s game drew 12,110, an improvement from Monday’s 10,460. The $1 hot dog special probably helped.

In the first three innings over the first six games of the season, Jays hitters are now a combined 1-for-55 with one walk. Wow.

Blue Jays continue to demolish past for future with Pillar trade

Time for the Jays to find out exactly what they have in Anthony Alford

MLB bits

You would think players have learnt, but clearly not. You don’t run on Ramon Laureano...

Bryce Harper returned to Washington with his new team the Phillies. It went roughly as you would expect:

And to end

Today celebrates 30 years since Ken Griffey Jr’s debut.

Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners