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The First Annual Bluebird Banter Over/Under Prediction Game

Can you predict baseball?

Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

One of my favorite episodes of the At The Letters podcast is their annual over/under predictions. I thought it would be fun if BBB had our own annual over/under prediction post, because we need all the fun we can get this season.

I’ve borrowed a couple from the podcast, and your friendly neighborhood writers here have chipped in a couple of our own.

If you want to participate, just leave your guesses in a comment, and then we will revisit these at the end of the season. All of these events are defined as starting from first pitch on opening day until the last pitch of the final game unless otherwise specified.

The winner will receive 3 bags of virtual cheese doodles and bragging rights.

Good luck!

1) Randal Grichuk OBP at .2995 (.301 in ‘18, .285 in ‘17)

2) Justin Smoak home runs at 29.5 (25 in ‘18, 38 in ‘17)

3) Number of home runs as a team at 199.5 (217 in ‘18, fifth in MLB)

4) Number of innings pitched by Aaron Sanchez as a Blue Jay at 139.5 (192 in ‘16)

5) Ken Giles saves as a Blue Jay at 18.5 (26 in ‘18, 34 in ‘17)

6) Defensive efficiency (how many batted balls the defense converts into outs) ranking out of all 30 teams at 18.5

7) Number of wins by the pitching wins’ leader at 9.5 (Happ had 10 in ‘18)

8) Number of players who will be traded by July 31st at 7.5 (8 in ‘18)

10) How many uniform numbers will be worn by at least two players over the course of the season at 3.5 (from Minor_Leaguer)

11) Number of starting pitchers used at 10.5 (from Tom, 14 in ‘17 and ‘18, )

12) Charlie Montoyo ejections at 3.5 (from Kate, Gibbons had 7 in ‘18)

13) Number of Blue Jays named to the All Star Team at 1.5 (from dexfarkin, 2 in ‘17, 1 in ‘18)

14) How many players on the opening day roster will be on the 25 man on August 25th at 14.5 (from Matt W)

15) Number of games Bo Bichette and Vlad Jr play combined at 159.5 (from Tom)

16) Number of home sellouts (defined as 48,000+) at 1.5 (1 in ‘18)

17) Vlad Jr OPS at 834.5

18) Vlad Jr WAR at 2.95

19) Number of times the Blue Jays shut out their opponents at 8.5 (from Erik T, 3 in ‘18)

20) Blue Jays wins at 72.5 (73 in ‘18)

BONUS: Number of Loonie Hot Dogs Matt W can eat during one nine-inning game at 5.5 (from Minor_Leaguer)