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Wednesday bantering

$50m and no hustle

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays
They have a Vietnam era 1000 yard stare
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Little Trop of Horrors - an apt description of a stadium that should be buried at the bottom of the ocean (along with every Michael Bay movie). More horrifying to me yesterday was Randal Grichuk’s lack of effort. I don’t like to single individuals out, but on this occasion i am.

When Randal Grichuk lost the ball in the roof at Tropicana Field in the 3rd inning yesterday, apparently Charlie Montoyo was inclined to let it pass, given the poor visuals in the stadium (there seems to be a UFO in the roof).

What he couldn’t let up on, however was Grichuk’s lack of effort in ‘running’ down the ball, as Avisail Garcia chugged his way around the bases for an inside-the-park homer.

Montoyo saw what all of us watching the game did as well and approached Grichuk in the dugout looking for an answer:

“I talked to him when he came back because it looked like he didn’t go all out for that ball,” He said he got disoriented and he said he felt like ‘what’s going on?’ I believe the guy. It kind of surprised me a bit.”

Im sorry but that just doesn’t wash with me. Lack of hustle after a ball has got by you isn’t just a pet peeve for me, its a whole kennel of irritation.

Personally i would have liked to see Montoyo bench Randal for that play, not just accept some lame sounding excuse from him. Perhaps the one big flaw with Charlie is he is too nice sometimes? Id like to see him get a bit more fired up.

Mind you, its not like the Trop hasn’t seen this sort of effort before...

Sad stats

The loss guaranteed another series loss for the Jays, who are just 2-9 at Tropicana Field over the past two seasons.

We have lost six of its past seven and since April 30 are 7-30. We are a season-worst 13 games under .500 now and on pace to lose 100 games.

Our team batting average is now .218. Even the Marlins are hitting better than us.

Clayton Richard wasn’t too bad yesterday, giving up two runs, three hits and four walks over four innings. The Jays need everything he can give them on and off the mound.

Meanwhile Sean Reid-Foley left the Bisons game in the 4th with an apparent injury. Apparently its ‘fine’.

So, expect SRF to keel over with dengue fever or something in the next few days...

MLB bits

The 2019 Astros are an exercise in baseball absurdity!

Cody Bellinger > an entire MLB team*

(* do the Marlins count?)

As if we needed more evidence that the Red Sox are abhorrent:

Plays of the Day

50 Cent: I own the worst ceremonial first pitch in MB History
This lady: hold my beer...
Photographer: What the h....

Byron Buxton is a great fielder, but i feel he needs a smidgen more self preservation.