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Around the Nest - Week 10, 2019: Griffin D’Or

Griffin D’Or

Welcome to another week of Around the Nest!

The offensive performances were huge: Griffin Conine returned from suspension with a pair of blasts for Class-A Lansing, Logan Warmoth came a single from the cycle for Class A-Adv. Dunedin, Forrest Wall was unconscious for Class-AA New Hampshire, and Alen Hanson had a monstrous game for Class-AAA Buffalo in a 15-run romp! We’re Jay-talking about everything we’ve seen from the last week’s worth of action.

Around The Nest is a weekly podcast about the Blue Jays’ minor league system hosted by the Voice of the Lugnuts Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and featuring the voices of each of the Jays’ active minor league affiliates. It usually goes live every Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm during the season.

As always, we welcome your questions in the comments below. Here are a few questions from the Around The Nest team:

  • If Edwin Jackson fails to last through another start, who do the Blue Jays call up? Would you be comfortable with Shawn Morimando or Sean Reid-Foley getting starts?
  • How long do you think Griffin Conine stays with the Lugnuts? Does he move to Dunedin by the end of the season?