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Update your spring wardrobe with a new Vlad Jr. jersey or tee shirt

Everyone should have a Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Jersey

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I figure we are all going to have Vladimir Guerrero Jr. tee shirts and jerseys before too long. Generally, when I buy a jersey it means the player will soon be moving on to another team, but this time I’m sure it won’t be joining the Encarnacion, Lawrie, Donaldson jerseys in the back of my closet. Yeah, I have have a Travis Snider tee shirt (speaking of Snider, he’s hitting .344/.443/.578 in 28 games playing for the Diamondbacks AAA team) somewhere.

Actually, I’m going to Toronto for some games next week and I think I’m going to bring a selection of jerseys with former players’ names on them. I had loaned my Roy Halladay to someone a couple of years ago, and just got it back, and I’ve been wearing it, even with it being the ugly black one.

I’m looking forward to when I can have a tee shirt with Vlad, Bo, Nate and Cavan on it. But I suppose I should wait until they are all up with the team.

Yes, SB makes a bit of money off the sales. They do need to make some money to buy my cheese doodles.

If you want to see the full Blue Jays page, including stuff without Vlad’s name on, go here. Mother’s Day is coming. Or, if you happen to be one of my children, Father’s Day isn’t that far off, and dad really likes the Blue Jays watch.

Vlad Jr. Majestic Jerseys

Vlad Jr. BreakingT Shirts

Vlad Jr. Majestic name & number T-shirts

We all need more Blue Jays stuff in our lives.

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