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FanPulse: 74% think that international players should be part of the MLB Draft

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If you haven’t taken a moment to join SB Nation FanPulse, now is the time to do it. They survey of fans across MLB. Each week, they send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Blue Jays fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

This week the ‘National’ question was about the draft and whether international players should be part of the draft. Most of us said yes.

Maybe it is time. The reason international players weren’t part of the draft in the past was that it was too hard to keep track of all the players from everywhere and decide if they were eligible for the draft or not. So instead they left it up to the teams to search players in other countries.

But, times have changed.

MLB could keep track of all these guys. There will still be some who slip through the cracks and will be signed as undrafted free agents, but that happens with US and Canadian born players too.

With international players not being part of the draft it allowed some teams to have an advantage. Some teams, jumped into the international market. The Jays in the 1980s for example. And some teams didn’t, preferring to concentrate their resources inside the US and Canada.

In the Blue Jays weekly polls 91% approve of manager Charlie Montoyo. That sounds about right, I think I approve of him 91% of the time. That other 9%? That’s when he’s having someone bunt, or taking a reliever out after throwing 9 pitches.

And 88% have confidence in the direction on the team. One might guess that Jonah Keri isn’t part of that 88%. I get that Jonah isn’t writing for me, he’s writing for the more casual fan, but there are limits to how many free agent pitchers pitchers a team can sign. You could argue about who the Jays signed but arguing that they should have signed a bunch more guys doesn’t really make sense. And, of course, he makes it sound like the players have to vote in who they sign with. But that’s an argument for another time.