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Rowdy Tellez hits a Grand Slam, Jays barely hang on to a win

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Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Blue Jays 8 Orioles 6

I’m guessing we will be seeing an opener in every one of Edwin Jackson’s games for the rest of his time with the Jays.

Derek Law ‘started’ the game. He gave up a hit and a walk but made it out of the first inning without giving up a run.

Edwin Jackson came in for the second inning and, amazingly enough, he went 5 innings allowing just 2 runs. I wouldn’t say he was good, but he only allowed 4 hits, 2 walks, with 2 strikeouts. He gave up a solo homer to Trey Mancini in the fourth inning. He started the fifth inning off with 2 walks and I thought ‘here we go’ but he managed to get out of the inning giving up just 1 run. Jackson lowered his ERA to 10.22 from the 11.90 it was before the game.

We got some offense for a change. We had 11 hits and 6 walks adding up to 8 runs. Of course, when we loaded the bases in the third inning and then didn’t score, I was worried that we were going to see another in the long line of awful games.

But we loaded the bases again in the fifth inning. Lourdes singled one home. Then, after a Randal Grichuk strikeout, reliever Miguel Castro threw a wild pitch and I was happy we had 2 runs. A Justin Smoak walk was followed by a Rowdy Tellez grand slam. Rowdy can come to my house anytime he wants and he can have the last beer in my fridge.

Thankfully we scored a couple more in the sixth. Luke Maile walked, and, an out later, Vlad Guerrero Jr. doubled him home. Gurriel singled home Vlad and we were up 8-2. Easy win right?

Vlad was 3 for 5. Lourdes, Teoscar, Rowdy and Luke had 2 hits each.

As well as the home run, Rowdy beat out an infield single and then stole second, all in the ninth inning. And Luke Maile stole a base. I’m not kidding.

We saw the major league debut of the Jordan Romano. He was terrific, striking out the first 2 batters he faced, and getting ground out. He hit 99 and 98 on the radar gun. He was very good. I hope he stays up for the rest of the season.

That’s where the fun ended

The bottom of the 8th was a disaster.

Charlie brought Elvis Luciano into the game in the pouring rain. I wasn’t happy. We had our first late inning lead in a long time, I didn’t want the Rule 5 guy in. But we were up by 6. So calm Tom. Elvis got the first out. Then:

  • Jonathan Villar hit a double.
  • Anthony Santandere walked.

Out goes Elvis, in comes Joe Biagini. It didn’t get better.

  • Trey Mancini walked.
  • Chance Sisco doubled. 2 score. 8-4.
  • A ground out gave me a big of hope (nice play Vlad), but a run scored. 8-5.
  • Pedro Severio walked.

Out goes Joe, in comes Tim Mayza.

  • Rio Ruiz singles in another run. 8-6. Tom is drinking with both hands.

Out goes Tim. In comes Daniel Hudson and he gets a strikeout to end the ending. Maybe the pouring rain and lousy mound conditions had something to do with the troubles they all had.

Hudson decides to test our patience (and my beer supply, fortunately I’m at my son’s place and he has had lots of beer) in the 9th. He gave up a leadoff walk and then hit the next batter. A wild pitch put the tying run on second.

But Hudson got a popout, a (Trey Mancini) strikeout and a (Chance Sisco) strikeout. Thank you Daniel. You are welcome in my house anytime.

I should mention that Vlad made 3 really good plays on defense.

Jays of the Day: Tellez (.214 WPA), Hudson (.179), Vlad (.152), Lourdes (.144), Biggio (.129, for 2 walks).

Suckage: Grichuk (-.197, he had a rough day at the plate, 0 for 5, 4 k, though the last one was on a pitch a good 6 inches off the plate) and let’s give one to Biagini (-.066) and Mayza (-.066) for adding to my liver troubles.

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