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Around the Nest - Week 12, 2019: Enter the Kloff

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Enter the Kloff

Welcome back to Around the Nest!

Congratulations, Toronto... and happy Opening Day, Vancouver! From the end of the NBA season to the start of the NWL season, the broadcasters of the Blue Jays’ system are joined by the Voice of the C’s, Rob Fai, to preview the season. Meanwhile, Dunedin’s firing goose eggs, Santiago Espinal steals home to win in a walkoff, Bo Bichette rejoins Buffalo, and Lansing’s ten-day road schlep has ended. It’s the latest from around the organization!

Around The Nest is a weekly podcast about the Blue Jays’ minor league system hosted by the Voice of the Lugnuts Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and featuring the voices of each of the Jays’ active minor league affiliates. It usually goes live every Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm during the season.

As always, we welcome your questions in the comments below. Here are a few questions from the Around The Nest team:

  • When should Bo Bichette join the Blue Jays?
  • Does Jordan Romano stick in the bullpen, or does he become an eventual starter for the exhausted Blue Jays pitching staff?