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Jays lose game and Vlad leaves game after HBP

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Not a fun one.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Astros 15

There was the odd interesting thing about that game:

  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got hit in the hand by a 96 MPH fastball in the first inning. He stayed in the game to run the bases but came out for the bottom half of the inning. X-rays say no break, just a contusion. I hope that diagnosis doesn’t change. Derek Law hit Yuli Gurriel later in the game. I didn’t think it was on purpose, but he did come inside two pitches in a row. If it was on purpose it was stupid, Vlad wasn’t hit on purpose.
  • In the third inning, Josh Reddick tried to steal second on strike 3 to Tyler White. Luke Maile’s throw was late and he was called safe but second baseman Cavan Biggio wanted the dugout to review. A look at the replay showed that Reddick cam’t off the bag and Cavan kept the tag on. But Montoyo didn’t challenge. The decision looked worse when the next batter, Tony Kemp, hit a home run. They could have been out of the inning. They have to fix their challenge process.
  • And one that is continuing to bug me, in the first inning, 2 on, 1 out, a line drive hit to medium right field, right where you would expect the right fielder to be, falls for a single. Why? Because we have our outfielders playing way back. The runner on second didn’t score, but then he likely saw where the ball was going and took it for granted it was an out. It is a little thing, but it is happening so much. I get it, they don’t want balls hit over the outfielders, but we are seeing too many balls falling in front of them.

Other than that, it was the usual crappy pitching and crappy hitting game for the Jays.

We had a big 4 hits. Biggio drove in both our runs with a double (very close to a homer) against his dad’s old team. Freddy Galvis had 2 hits and Luke Maile had the other. We struck out 13 times, with Biggio and Randal Grichuk going down on strikes 3 times each.

Pitching? Oh it was bad.

Aaron Sanchez walked the first two batters he faced (he might have been getting squeeze a bit but most of it was on him) and both scored plus one more that inning.

The second inning went single, walk and homer (Alex Bregman) for another 3-run inning.

And a single and homer in the third inning brought in 2 more.

In total, 3 innings, 6 hits, 8 earned, 3 walks, 4 strikeouts, 2 homers.

It really didn’t get much better from there:

  • Sam Gaviglio gave up 3 hits, 2 earned on a home run in his two innings. His ERA is up to 4.40 now, when it was under 2 earlier in the season.
  • Derek Law actually pitched 2 scoreless innings.
  • Tim Mayza walked 4 batters, only getting one out, walking in a run and leaving with the bases loaded.
  • Thomas Pannone unloaded the bases quickly, giving up a home run on his first pitch. He would get the last two outs after that, but he turned 3 inherited runners into 3 earned runs for Mayza.

No Jays of the Day.

Suckage: Sanchez (-.381). And let’s give one to Grichuk (-.073) as a representative of our crappy batting order and Tim Mayza, because if you walk 4 of 5 batters faced you deserve a suckage award.

I miss yesterday’s game because I’m at my son’s Convocation, and we score a dozen runs. I see today’s game and we allow 15 runs.

We had a rather amazing 705 comments in the GameThread. lalalaprise led us to crushing defeat.

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