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Billy McKinney hits a walk-off homer, Jays win

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 5 Blue Jays 7 (10 innings)

I’m glad we have Billy McKinney back. Until that walk-off homer in the 10th, this was a really frustrating game. Thank you Billy.

That we can’t do the little things right is driving me crazy lately.

  • We have Lourdes playing at the edge of the warning trace in left field. Long fly to left and he watches it bounce off the bottom of the wall, instead of getting there and catching it. If he can’t get that, why are we playing him so far back that we have so much falling in front of him.
  • Sixth inning, Clayton Richard walks the first guy and in comes Derek Law. Now Law wouldn’t be my choice here, but he gets a double play ball right at Vlad. Unfortunately, Vlad boots it. Two on no outs.
  • Next batter floats one between the infielders and Gurriel in left. Bases loaded.
  • After a run scores, and the bases are loaded again. Joe Biagini gets a strikeout. Charlie takes out Joe for Tim Mayza (a lefty was coming up, Shohei Ohtanim, but I would have kept Joe in, he can get strikeouts. Add in that Joe only faced 2 batters and it was a tight game, we might be going to extras, maybe we should not run through all the pitchers). Shohei hits a nice hard grounder to Cavan Biggio at second and Cavan, instead of taking the easy double play, goes home. Shohei is fast but this was a perfect double play ball. Cavan’s throw handcuffed Luke Maile but Maile blocked it and picked it up for the out. Mayza got the next batter to fly out, so no harm I guess, but we should be playing the game right.
  • Tim starts the next inning, which I thought was strange, since it was right-handers Mike Trout (who doubled) and Justin Upton (who struck out) leading off the inning. Finally facing a lefty, Mayza a) forgets about Trout on second and Trout steals third and b) walks the lefty. There should be a law against lefty relievers walking lefties. Mayza leaves the game, but a sac fly scores Trout tying the game.
  • In the bottom of the eighth, Rowdy Tellez leads off with a walk and Freddy Galvis beats out a bunt to give us runners at first and second. My least favorite move with runners on first and second is the bunt. You have to get it down perfect, because it is an easy force at third if it isn’t. Maile misses on his first two bunt attempts. Buck tells us Maile should bunt again, and yelling no at the TV. Maile tries to bunt again, misses and strikes out. Vlad follows with a double play ball. Vlad has looked terrible since getting hit on the hand, but he really has to show he can work his way out of a slump.
  • Add to the stupid. Tie game in the 10th, we bring in Nick Kingham....but he pitched a scoreless inning and got the win.

Anyway, tons of stupid in tonight’s game.

We did score early for a change. 3 runs in the first inning. Sogard led off with a double. Gurriel single him to third and Biggio scored him on a sac fly. Then Teoscar Hernandez homered so we were up 3-0.

Sogard homered in the second inning and Lourdes homered in the 5th inning.

We had 12 hits (with the 4 homers) on the night. Sogard and Gurriel had three hits each, both were a triple short of the cycle. Grichuk and Galvis had two each.

Vlad was 0 for 4 with a walk. Rowdy had 2 walks. The only batter not to reach base was Maile.

Clayton Richard had one of his better starts. It wasn’t good, but...he went 5 innings, plus a batter, he allowed 6 hits, 4 earned, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts.

  • Derek Law came in with the runner on first, got double play ball that was booted and a soft single that fell in that huge space between the infielders and the outfielders.
  • Joe Biagini came in and gave up a hit and got an out.
  • Tim Mayza got three outs, gave up 1 hit, 1 walk, 1 earned with 1 strikeout. His biggest mistake was not watching Trout at second, giving him and easy steal of third.
  • Daniel Hudson pitched 1.2, allowed 2 hits and 2 strikeouts. He allowed the inherited runner to score, but pitched good.
  • Ken Giles pitched a nice quick 9th with 2 strikeouts.
  • Nick Kingham had nice 10, giving up a hit, but getting a nice double play. He got the win.

Jays of the Day: Sogart (.302 WPA), McKinney (.287), Kingham (.139), Giles (.139), Hudson (.130) and Mayza (.112).

Suckage: Vlad (-.349, mostly for that double play he hit into, but that doesn’t count his error), Maile (-.148), Law (-.197, hardly fair really, if it wasn’t for Vlad error he would have been ok) and Biggio (-.092).

I guess the big news before the walk-off was Kawhi Leonard’s appearance at the game, but he left before McKinney’s hit. Bad form.

We had 808 comments in the GameThread. I led us to victory. Yay.

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