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FanPulse: Montreal is the top choice of voters for MLB expansion

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This week’s FanPulse national question was a poll to see which of fives cities fans figured would be the best choice for expansion. Montreal was the leading vote getter. The results:

Montreal: 31%

Nashville: 20%

Las Vegas: 19%

Portland: 19%

Charlotte: 12%

The poll was taken before yesterday’s news about the Rays considering splitting the season between Florida and Quebec.

I see St. Petersburg’s mayor jumped in yesterday. My line is that contracts are made to be broken. If the team really wanted to relocate, they would find a way. I’m pretty sure if they thought they would get double the attendance in Montreal and all the corporate help that Montreal could provide, they would find a way out of the contract in a hurry.

Las Vegas is an interesting choice too. The Knights have been filling the arena every game. And people like visiting Vegas. We went for an NHL game there last year and people were telling us that every game there are a lot of fans for the other team. They would definitely need a park with a roof or retractable roof. I was also there for some Triple AAA games back when they were affiliated with the Jays.

Nashville might be fun too. It is one of those places I would like to visit one day.

As for the weekly questions, we still have confidence in the direction of the team. I’m guessing we can only go up from here, it is just a question of how long it will take. I’m not sure I could handle three years of 100+ losses.

This week we were at 74% confident, slightly up from last week’s 68%, which was our season low mark.

I’m still confident that we are going the right way, but I’d love to see some better defense and some signs that improvements are happening.

But, the young guys are looking better on offense. Lourdes Gurriel has looked great, Cavan Biggio looks good at the plate, Teoscar looks better in center field than I expected. I’m not worried about Vlad, bu I think it will be interesting to see how he deals with struggles. I am wondering if he is taking his current offensive slump into the field with him. I think Danny Jansen will come around. I can’t wait for them to call up Bo Bichette.

The manager approval number was 97%, which surprised. I still think he can be a good manager, but he is driving me crazy with the bunting stuff. Maile trying to bunt with 2 strikes was bad baseball. And I hate that he goes through relief pitchers like I go through cheese doodles. Joe Biagini faced 2 batters yesterday, in a close game, that had the possibility of going to extra innings. And we ended up using Kingham in the 10th inning. He did the job, but I really wasn’t happy that we were down to him.

I’m still thinking he can learn, but I want to see some signs of it happening.