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Monday bantering

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One Eck of a win over the Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

My house currently feels like a plague zone- i was sick all of last week and now my wife and son have gone down with a variety of ailments. I feel like we should have hazmat tape around our property.

Last week while ‘dying’ in my bed, i felt like i should try and watch some Jays games. My son comforted me by saying ‘Don’t watch the Jays Daddy, you’ll only feel worse’. Wise words from a 7 year old...

The series win over the Red Sox has naturally made me feel more upbeat. No one was quite as upbeat as Marcus Stroman celebrating his win though- something that grumpy old fart Dennis Eckerlsey didn’t take too kindly to...

Still Marcus’ social media game is also strong:

Talking of pitchers, how much should we worry about Aaron Sanchez’s diminishing trade value?

Jordan Romano got sent down and Sean Reid-Foley is back up. Here’s hoping he can give the over taxed bullpen a break.

Boba Shett is heating up nicely:

However, the Blue Jays want ‘strong foundation’ for Bichette before promotion.

His ole pal Cavan Biggio ain’t too shabby either!

It seems likely that Biggio and Bichette and Vlad will form part of Toronto’s core in the years ahead, but what other young uns will play a part?

Talking of the Bisons, they are on fire right now and so is Socrates Brito....

MLB bits

Trevor Rosenthal was released by Nationals just a couple of months after signing 1-Year, $7M Contract. Why? How about 0-1 with a 22.74 ERA, 3.63 WHIP and five strikeouts in 12 appearances (6.1 innings). Expect to see him sign for the Jays soon then.

The Mets find new ways to be awful- they have 17 blown saves this season. Yesterday they blew a lead lost a game....and threatened a reporter. Wait what??

If i was Noah Syndergaard i would be looking to get out of Metsville- which is lucky because he could be one of the surprising big names available at the deadline.

Plays of the Day

Ozzie Albies with a spectacular throw!

Hmm, maybe this one is better?

Third time’s a charm right??