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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Justin Smoak’s first half

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

After several disappointing seasons Justin Smoak was an All-Star in 2017, hitting 38 home runs and getting a 3.6 fWAR. Sometimes patience pays off. Last year was a small step down from that, 25 home runs and a 1.7 fWAR.

This seems, to this point, seems to be another small step down. He’s hitting .225/.364/.423 with 12 home runs and a 0.6 fWAR.

His on base percentage is a bit up from last year, .364 up from .350.

Generally, he’ll have a couple streaks where he’ll he a bunch of home runs. A 2 or 3 week stretch where he hits a bunch of home runs. We have missed that so far this year, but I’d imagine there will be some to come.

He’s been out since June 14th, but they say he’ll be back soon. We could use him to show he is healthy, so the team could trade him. I don’t know who would be interested him in a trade. Most contenders have a reasonable first baseman. I guess the Red Sox have both Mitch Moreland and Steve Pearce injured. We’ll see how the month goes and see if he is with the Blue Jays in August. I would be sad to see him go, but I don’t think he’ll be part of the team going forward so getting something for him, I’m guessing not all that much, would be a good thing.

His defense is fine. He makes all the plays that come to him, he doesn’t have a lot of range, but then first basemen tend not to have any range.


For the first half I would grade Justin Smoak an

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