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Blue Jays select CF Dasan Brown in third round

They stay very close to home for the top Canadian in the draft

RBC Canadian Open - Final Round Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

With the 88th overall pick in the third round of the 2019 MLB Draft, the Blue Jays stayed very close to home in selecting centefielder Dasan Brown from Abbey Park HS in Oakville, Ontario. He’s the consensus top Canadian prospect in the 2019 Draft, with a commitment to Texas A&M. He was ranked 103rd by MLB Pipeline, and 91st on Fangraphs baord.

Brown is very much a longer term development project, but with the physical tools to have considerable upside, including the fact that he’s one of the youngest players in the draft class as he won’t turn 18 until late September when the minor league season is over. In that sense, there’s some shades of Dalton Pompey.

It’s a boom-or-bust pick in that he’s a “tools over baseball skills” profile and the bat and hit tool are big question marks (as is often the case). There’s a good chance players with these profiles never make it to AA and most fans will never hear his name again. But if he can hit in pro ball there’s the secondary skills to be very valuable and could have MLB value even if he’s a well below average hitter.

Vincent Cervino of Perfect Game had this to say about him after seeing him in April with the Junior National Team:

The offensive tools are there to be successful but the overall profile is a bit raw offensively. The bat path is a bit top hand heavy with his hands very close to his body but his twitchy, uber-fast hands are enough to consistently get the barrel of the bat out in front. There’s good present bat speed for Brown and he turned in a solid performance in this look, smoking a hard hit ball through the four hole on the right side of the infield.