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2019 Blue Jays MLB Draft Signing Table

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2019 draft in the books, the focus now turns to getting the new draftees signed so it’s time to roll out the annual Signing Table. With the advent of slotting, there’s not quite the intrigue there used to be, but it’s still a useful summary of the draftees and where everything stands with Blue Jays draft.

The ranking is the average of four public sources: Baseball America (top 500), Perfect Game (top 600), (Jon Mayo and Jim Callis, top 200) and FanGraphs (formal top 138 plus extrapolation beyond). It also shows how many lists on which the draftee was included, since the average will be biased upwards by non-inclusion on a list vs. being ranked too low for inclusion.

As usual, post any links to information on signings/signability and I’ll do my best to keep the table promptly updated. The major difference this year is the chart has been moved to Google Sheets and embedded — on balance, it’s a better solution even though the whole thing doesn’t display. Thanks to everyone who adds the links that make this work.

The 2019 signing deadline is Friday, July 12th at 5 PM eastern.

UPDATE 7/15: The Blue Jays signed 30 of their 40 draft picks, spending $10,677,000 in bonuses (a few reported bonuses were revised $2,500 below where they were first announced, resulting in consistency across all draftees whose bonuses affected the total bonus pool). They exceeded their slot allocation by $411,700 (4.87%), resulting in overage tax of $308,775 and bringing total draft related spending to $10,985,775.

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