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(Re-)Introducing the Blue Jays Options and Outright Table

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2014, we introduced the Blue Jays Option and Outright Table as a tool to compile basic transactions information on Blue Jays players in one place. It was one of a few handy resources permanently housed and updated in the Bluebird Banter Library, available from the home page banner (this is a cue to check it out if you have not):


Unfortunately, changes to the platform implemented by SBN around this time last year ended the ability to easily update the table, so the Library entry languished in the interim. The goal was to evaluate alternatives in the offseason and relaunch it, but for a number of reasons obviously that didn’t come to fruition and the table came to be a year out of date. In fact, such has been the extent of the turnover that of the 43 players on the list at the last update, the 21 remaining on the roster are a minority (in addition, John Axford is in the organization too).

No longer. Today, we relaunch the Options and Outright Table via embedded Google Sheets, the best option in terms of the tradeoff between appearance, display and ease of updating. For now, it’s simply a replication of the former table, though that was designed specifically for the old platform and using Sheets provides more options so at some point there might be a revamp. To that end, any feedback is welcome.

The tables are included below, but are also in the main Library entry where they will be kept up-to-date from this point forward. There is also more detailed explanations on the information contained within; for more details on the transactions themselves, there’s the Library primer on options, outrights and waivers.

40-Man Roster (40+7)

Service time as of 7/1/2019

* denotes a player subject to Rule 5 draft restrictions
≠ denotes a player on the 60-day IL not counting towards the limit of 40

Non 40-Man Roster Players

A special thanks to Kate and Minor Leaguer for gently nudging this process along, as well as for their input and feedback and more generally for at least tolerating pedantic emails and obsession on minutiae.