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Marcus Stroman traded to the Mets for two pitching prospects

Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson are the two players coming back to Toronto

MLB: All Star Game-Workouts Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The writing was on the wall for a Marcus Stroman trade in the next couple days, but I’m not sure any of us predicted it would be to...the Mets?!

There was a New York team at the center of much of the trade speculation, but it wasn’t this one. There have been rumblings of a 3-team trade with the Padres, so we will wait and see what the return is.

Update 1:

Update #2:

Regardless, it appears to be the end of the Marcus Stroman era in Toronto. This leaves two players on the Blue Jays 25-man roster with ties to the 2015 postseason in Aaron Sanchez and Justin Smoak.

Best of luck to you, Marcus, and thanks for everything.