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Blue Jays call up Bo Bichette

Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Now that one beloved franchise player has been traded, Blue Jays fans will welcome another in top prospect Bo Bichette:

Bichette is currently in a hitting slump after a rough week, but that appears to have not factored into the front office’s decision to call him up now that Eric Sogard’s roster spot has been cleared.

Bichette, who is the Jays number 1 prospect and a consensus top 10 MLB prospect has dominated AAA since his return from injury, and currently holds a .847 OPS playing one of the most difficult defensive positions on the diamond.

It appears as if Sean Reid-Foley is on his way up as well, so there will be plenty of new faces joining the Jays as they head out to Kansas City.