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Roster move: Waguespack up, Reid-Foley down

And other Jays stuff.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob Waguespack has been called up from Buffalo and, sorry to say that Sean Reid-Foley is the one going down. I had thought, as you’ll read below, that Stroman to the IL was going to be the move.

At the moment, they say they are saying that they aren’t sure if Marcus will make his start tomorrow or not. I’m of the opinion that if there is any doubt they should skip him, but then I’m not sure who would start tomorrow if not Marcus. Perhaps Thomas Pannone.

This is an interesting bit of news:

I would normally have no doubt that Aaron Sanchez would be staying with the team, but who knows. Maybe it would be a good idea to let him work on things in Buffalo. From what I understand they have been playing around with his delivery, something that’s tough to do when you have been pitching for years (I guess the same thing is going on with Patrick Murphy in New Hampshire, he’s been told his delivery is illegal, and it is tough to fix something like that mid-season).

And this:

I think it would be good to let him have a week or so off. The pec issue or not, a few days off at mid-season is a good thing for a starting pitcher. I’m guessing Marcus to the IL will be the move for Jacob Waguespack (I was wrong). It is either that or Sean Reid-Foley gets punished for doing a great job yesterday. Sean will likely be back after the break, and will likely have a rotation spot.

Maybe time he moves up a level?

If you have been thinking about it, MILB.TV is on sale at the moment. Just $19.99 at the moment. It is easily worth that.

Griffin Conine is having a very good time in Lansing. Hitting .330/.411/.670 with 9 home runs in 29 games. He’s 21,and has a few levels to go before become part of the sons of major leaguers club we have building in Toronto, but it is nice to see him doing well.