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FanPulse: 83% of Jays fans polled are confident in the direction of the team

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If you haven’t taken a moment to join SB Nation FanPulse, now is the time to do it. They survey of fans across MLB. Each week, they send polls to fans from each team MLB team. Blue Jays fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

This week the National question was about the All-Star game:

I don’t really have any opinion about the All-Star game. I’m so into the Blue Jays season that, mid-season, I’m happy to have a few days off from baseball. I might watch an inning or two of the game, but I don’t care about the game. and I did vote for Luke Maile to make the game last year.

I watched the game with I was younger, and I my kids liked it.

Years ago, Davey Lopes was a second baseman for the Dodgers and he was voted onto the All-Star game when he wasn’t having a great and he was asked about the voting and he answered ‘It depends if you think the game is for the players or for the fans, I’m not sure who it is for’ or something to that effect.

That’s really the question. If the game is for the fans, there should be a player from each team. If it is for the players, then they should just pick the guys that deserve to be there.

The other question: Is the All-Star game for players who had a very good first half of the season, or is it for players who have proven they are one of the best, if they had a great first half of the season or not?

In the Davey Lopes case above, he got voted into the game because he had had a great career, voters didn’t care that he didn’t have a great first half (as it turned out, he didn’t have a great second half either, but that’s not part of the equation).

I guess, all things being equal, I think each team should have an All-Star, but it isn’t something that matters that much to me.

For the Blue Jay polls, 96% of us approve of manager Charlie Montoyo. It does surprise me, I’m still on the approve side, but I have worries and questions about Charlie. I think, during the All-Star break we will run our own poll with more options.

On the confidence in the direction of the team question 83% said they had confidence in the team’s direction. I’m enjoying watching the young guys, so I do have confidence. And hearing about Nate Pearson’s appearance in the Futures Game doesn’t hurt my ‘confidence’.