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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. puts on a show at the Home Run Derby

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

I’ve never been a fan of the Home Run Derby, but that was terrific.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on a show we won’t forget tonight. He didn’t win the Home Run Derby, but he was the most impressive. The Blue Jays might not have anyone playing in the All-Star game, but we had the performer of the week.

Vlad hit 29 home runs in the first round, easily beating out Matt Chapman.

The second round was a wild thing. He and Joc Pederson tied after the 4 minutes. And then they tied after the 1 minute tie breaker. Next came a 3-swing tied breaker and again they tied. But the second round of the 3-swing tie breaker, Vlad hit out two and Pederson was only able to hit out one.

That second round was great TV. It was much better than the All-Star game will be tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Vlad was tiring by the finals. He still hit 22 home runs (pretty much all on arm strength. Pete Alfonso was able to hit 23 to win the event. Vlad only had 2 homers in the

Vlad had some monster shots. His longest of the day was measured at 476 feet. Matt Chapman had one at 477 feet, for the longest of the day.

The second place prize was $500,000 so Vlad had a pretty good payday.

Vlad had 91 home runs on the day.

Congratulations Vlad. That you for the fun.