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Tuesday bantering

What just happened??

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I don’t know about you guys but i spent a lot of yesterday’s Home Run Derby laughing at the sheer absurdity of Vlad destroying baseballs. He hit some so far i think they collected a passport and boarding pass on their way out.

Although ultimately, Pete Alonso won the Home Run Derby, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won the night.

Tom has a nice summary of Vlad’s show here.

And expect us to put John Schneider in the bullpen following last night’s performance:

Vlad stat attack!

And in case you wanted confirmation as to how good Vlad’s performance last night, then here you are:

  • He hit more home runs last night than four teams have hit this entire season (Giants, Royals, Tigers and Marlins).
  • He saw 207 pitches. He swung at 195 of them. He homered on 91.
  • He hit 38,641 feet worth of home runs (that’s 7.3 miles worth)
  • The longest was 488 feet, the shortest 373, the average more than 424.
  • One of his second round homers had an exit speed of 114mph
  • He had 25 home runs of at least 440 feet
  • He had the seven hardest-hit balls.
  • After one night, he has the second-most home runs in Derby history; and nearly five times as many as his father, the Hall of Fame outfielder who won the 2007 Derby.
  • He got $500,000 for finishing second, plus a $100,000 bonus for hitting the longest homer.

In non Home Run Derby Jays news

Even if the Stro Show must move on, he loved his time as a Blue Jay

Stro is also focused on ‘limiting the noise’ as trade deadline looms

The Twins are checking in on Ken Giles as a possible trade.

MLB bits

Lots of teams are after Trevor Bauer

And quite a few are in on Madison ‘I don’t do fun’ Bumgarner

What’s wrong with Robinson Cano? (err, he joined the Mets?)

Play of the Day

If you have 21 minutes, sit back and enjoy Vlad’s entire performance: