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FanPulse: Most fans feel that MLB has intentionally juiced the ball this season

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If you haven’t taken a moment to join SB Nation FanPulse, now is the time to do it. They survey of fans across MLB. Each week, they send polls to fans from each team MLB team. Blue Jays fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

This past week, the ‘national’ question was pretty interesting: Did MLB intentionally “juice” the ball this season?

It is a good question.

It seems pretty clear that the ball is different than it used to be. It seems to be changing a bit year, but homers are flying out of the park in large numbers this year. Where I’m sure the ball has changed, did MLB intentionally juice the ball? I’m not sure the answer.

As much as I like home runs sometimes I think baseball may have gone too far. I’m sure Oroles fans believe the game has gone too homer happy.

2/3s of people voting in the FanPulse poll believe MLB has done it on purpose.

I guess there is a separate question. If the ball is juiced, is that a good thing.

Back in 1998, when it was the players that were juiced, baseball thought it was a good thing. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were credited with saving baseball. Bud Selig couldn’t get enough pictures taken with the pair.

Everyone loved all the homers.

Maybe the game has gone too home run heavy now. As much as I like to see Vlad hit one out, I think there could be a better balance. It seems wrong to try to steal a base now, because it is better to wait at first for the home run to drive you in.

I wonder if Anthony Alford would be looked at as more of a prospect if it wasn’t for all the home runs. Alford is the fast, exciting doubles/triples, who can steal bases, type. But, with an open spot, we call up Rowdy Tellez who is the ‘hit the ball a long way’ type. In center field we have Teoscar Hernandez, so, again is more the ‘hit the ball a long way’ type.

I do miss guys like Tim Raines and Ricky Henderson. Guys who would steal 100 bases a year. Maybe it was overkill but it was exciting. But then, if you had a dollar for every old guy who thinks baseball was better when they were young, you would be rich.

Let’s have our own poll:


Presuming the ball is juiced, is that a good thing?

This poll is closed

  • 23%
    Yes, everyone digs the long ball
    (35 votes)
  • 76%
    No, there are just too many homers now
    (116 votes)
151 votes total Vote Now

The weekly Blue Jays polls didn’t see much change from last week.

97% of us approved of manager Charlie Montoyo. It always does amaze me how much better a manager is when is team plays well.

I think the hardest thing for Charlie, over this past two weeks, has been figuring out his bullpen without Daniel Hudson, David Phelps and Joe Biagini and with Ken Giles being available only now and then.

He has been lucky that Derek Law and Justin Shafer have been very good since the deadline. And Sam Gaviglio has returned to his early season form.

On the confidence in the direction of the team, 74% said they have confidence in the direction of the team. That’s up from 64% last week and 55% the week before.

Lately I’ve been told I’m too positive, something that will make my wife laugh for hours, but yeah I feel good about the future. I think we will need a free agent starter and/or the return of Matt Shoemaker for the team to make a big step forward next year. I’m thinking that their plan wasn’t to add a good free agent starter this winter, but I wonder if the improved play will change their minds. I’d imagine it is too early to make the decision yet. Let’s see how the last month and a half play out and then the front office can try to figure out where they feel we are.