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Around the Nest - Week 19, 2019: Meet the New Guys

Meet the New Guys

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome back to Around the Nest!

The trade deadline has now passed and, with the exception of two PTBNLs from Tampa Bay, we know who the Blue Jays acquired for Marcus Stroman, David Phelps, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Biagini, Cal Stevenson, and Daniel Hudson. But... what do we really know about the new acquisitions? Expect a few guest voices as we talk about the newest names in the org., plus discuss Vancouver’s three All-Stars, Griffin Conine’s power binge, and more from around the Blue Jays’ affiliates!

Around The Nest is a weekly podcast about the Blue Jays’ minor league system hosted by the Voice of the Lugnuts Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and featuring the voices of each of the Jays’ active minor league affiliates. It usually goes live every Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm during the season.

So, do you think the Blue Jays were compensated appropriately for trading away Sanchez, Biagini, Hudson, Stroman, and others? Let us know in the comments below!