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Blue Jays invasion of Seattle night one: incomplete

A game on this road trip I did not attend, but the result was the same

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners
Don’t adjust your screens. This is actually what the uniforms looked like tonight.
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays: 4, Mariners: 7

First of all, I’d like to give some kudos to the Mariners for this stellar video:

If you’re going to let Canadians invade your home territory, you may as well have some fun with it, eh?

The story of the night was all the disdain for the players weekend uniforms, which left the all teams looking like Storm Troopers facing Ninjas. Among the unintended consequences were GameThreads with all blue comments. Since the back-and-forth affair crawled by (at the three hour mark, the game was still in the sixth inning), we had a lot of time to lament. All the fans traveling down from Western Canada deserved better: both with regards to the uniform, and to the game.

Both Top Sheff and Butters put up uninspiring performances, dodging in and out of trouble all night. The Jays should have scored more than they did, and Top Sheff was pulled from the game after 4 innings. Butters also pitched only 4 innings (plus two batters), giving up three earned runs.

The Jays did manage to score two runs in the first. A red hot Bo led off the game with a single, then Fish followed up with one of his own to put runners on the corners with no outs. The Blue Jays almost wasted the opportunity when El K struck out and Grich flied out, but a steal by Fish combined with a RBI single from Moakey and a RBI double off the bat of Mr. Seeds gave the Jays an early 2-0 lead.

The Mariners tied in the game in the bottom of the second. Narvy greeted Butters with a lead off solo shot, then two outs later a Fraley single and a triple by ⚡️erased the Jays lead.

The first three Jays’ batters in the third safely reached, plating another run to briefly give the Jays the lead again. Grich doubled, Moakey walked and Mr. Seeds scored Grich with another RBI. Sadly, the next three Jays went down in order to end the inning.

The Mariners tied the game up again in the bottom of the third. Crawdaddy walked, then advanced to second on a throw Butters airmailed on a pick-off attempt, and scored on a double by the other Seager.

The Mariners then took the lead in the bottom of the 5th, when Crawdaddy sent a Butters’ line drive over the wall in right center. A single to Nola ended Butters’ night. Buddy gave up a ground rule double to the first batter he faced, but got the next two outs. Sammy G walked Tim Lopes to load the bases, but got the final out to end the inning.

The Jays tied the game in the 6th. [Reese’s] Pieces, playing in his hometown for the first time as a major leaguer, led off with a single off Grotz. Pieces then advanced to third on a single that was bobbled off the bat of Bo[ba Shett]. New pitcher Wis struck out Fish, but El K drove a ball into the ground in front of home plate that the Mariners couldn’t make a play on, scoring Bo.

The bottom of the sixth was the inning that never ends, and it wasn’t good. Nine Mariners batters scored three runs off on a double, sac bunt, four walks and two wild pitches, forcing the Jays to make two mid-inning pitching changes. Mr. Seeds made a very nice catch in center, finally ending the inning and stranding the bases loaded.

Thankfully, the remaining two and a half innings flew by, with a lone Biggio single as the only offense the Jays could muster. Ramer and Shaf both walked a batter (bringing the Jays pitching total to 8! on the evening), but pitched cleaning innings.

I’m with Tao.

(Do you all really not do the wave every game?!)

Jays of the Day: Mr. Seeds (+.170 WPA), Bo (.124)

Suckage Jays: Butters (-.330), Sammy G (-.206), B Dru (-.183)

We had 468 comments in the GameThread. Not bad for a late night Friday game. HeyBoyBlueisBack walked (likely by a Jays’ pitcher) away with the win.

# Commenter # Comments
1 HeyBoyBlueisBack 71
2 radivel 50
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4 Minor Leaguer 37
5 Alan F. 37
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7 Matt W 31
8 vinnievanloewen 30
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12 BlueJayMatt 11

Up Next: King Felix will take on opener Wilmer Font, followed by Beef Stew (thank you Jays for recalling Brock Stewart so this could happen) at 9:10pm ET. Western Canada will see you there.