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Around the Nest - Week 23, 2019: Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome back to Around the Nest!

*Snap*! Just like that, Dunedin’s playoff-bound season is over (and so is the GCL Blue Jays’ season). Hurricane Dorian is to blame; stay safe, Florida. We’ll talk through the end of the line with Jim Tarabocchia, plus the latest huge attendances in Buffalo and Lansing, Thomas Hatch’s 11-K gem, Dunedin’s postseason All-Stars, three Fisher Cats infielders heading to the Arizona Fall League, and Alek Manoah turned in another dominating line. Is it the end? If not, we’re getting there soon.

Around The Nest is a weekly podcast about the Blue Jays’ minor league system hosted by the Voice of the Lugnuts Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and featuring the voices of each of the Jays’ active minor league affiliates. It usually goes live every Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm during the season.

As always, the Around the Nest team welcomes any questions/comments for the voices of the Blue Jays’ minor league system - drop em’ in the comment section below!