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Who’s Hot, Who’s Cold: Blue Jays Batters

Taking a look at the Jays offense over the last two weeks.

MLB: AUG 02 Blue Jays at Orioles Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I haven’t done this for a bit. Trips, trade deadlines and life all seem to get in the way lately.

Over the past two the Blue Jays are 7-5. We’ve hit .268/.340/.505 with 26 home runs. We have averaged 5.6 runs per game.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: Started 11 games, Hit .444/.500/.844 with 4 home runs, 18 RBI, 5 walks and 5 strikeouts.

I think we can put to sleep the idea that the home run contest might cause him troubles. The nice part is we won’t be hearing that he should be going down to the minors anymore. His defense has been interesting. He has really bad moments and then will make a excellent play. UZR has him at a -15.7. With his bat, we can live with that, but I think it will get better. At some point he will move to first base, but I don’t see it in the next couple of years. He is fun to watch.

Bo Bichette: Started 7 games. Hit .406/.457/.750 with 2 home runs, 3 walks and 5 strikeouts.

He’s hit in every game he’s played. I don’t want to play into any narratives, but he does seem to have given the team a shot of life. I’m really enjoying watching him play. And I like him in the leadoff spot. He does seem to work hard on his defense.

Teoscar Hernandez: Played 12 games, started 10. Hit .286/.375/.548 with 3 home runs, 5 walks, and 15 strikeouts.

Nice numbers to see. I hope he keeps it up. It is his first good stretch this season. Well, that’s not fair, he was good all July. UZR doesn’t like him in center, -23.1/150. That might be a little harsh, but he does seem to let too many balls fall just in front of him.

Randal Grichuk: Played 11 games, started 10. Hit .302/.333/.558 with 2 homers, 2 walks and 9 strikeouts.

Nice to see him hitting finally. He needs the hot stretch to last a little while to bring his numbers up to last year’s. I really though we lost him for a few days when he fouled that ball off his mouth. He’s bouncing back and forth between right and center. I don’t think he’s so bad in center.

Brandon Drury: Played in 10 games, started 9. Hit .250/.302/.500 with 3 home runs, 3 walks and 9 strikeouts.

Played third, first, left and right. I’m ok with having him, I just think he plays too much. Every team needs a guy they can slot into any position. Having someone with occasional power who can do that is good. But he’s played 86 games so far this year. That’s too much.

Cavan Biggio: Started 10 games. Hit .220/.347/.463 with 3 home runs, 8 walks, 12 strikeouts, and 2 steals.

Not exactly hot, but doing fine. A 121 tOPS+ is pretty decent for a middle infielder. I’m not sure about his fielding yet, he seems to let the odd ball ball go straight through him. UZR has him at a -9.0/150 in his 364 innings at second, but I’m expecting that to improve. Sometimes it seems that he has a better eye at the plate than the umpires.

Freddy Galvis: Played in 11 games, started 10. Hit .267/.283/.511 with 3 home runs, 1 walk and 13 strikeouts.

Again, not exactly hot, but I like a .511 slugging average from a middle infielder. He has played second in his last 3 games. He doesn’t look out of place there. I’m surprised he is still on the team. I think he is good to have around, and likely good for the younger guys to have around. I’d imagine he’ll be shopped over the winter. He has 18 home runs this season. 3 more and he’ll have a new career high. I wasn’t expecting this much power from him.


Danny Jansen: Played in 9 games, started 8. Hit .161/.212/.290 with 1 homer, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts.

It looked like he had turned his season around, from June 23 to July 16 he hit .393/.393/.780 with 6 home runs, but since he hasn’t hit much at all. His defense has been good. He rates second in baseball in framing. He’s thrown out 33% of base stealers. Despite his bat not being what we hoped (so far), he has a 1.3 fWAR. I think the bat will come around. It isn’t like he’s striking out a ton and he is making hard contract 43.1% of the time.

Justin Smoak: Played in 11 games, started 10. Hit .147/.341/.324 with 2 home runs, 10 walks and 11 strikeouts.

He’s in a slump. I’m going to miss the waiver trades this month. With all the injuries the Yankees have had, in the past week, they might have been willing to make a waiver deal for Justin. I wonder if there was any offers for Justin at the deadline? I’m curious to see what happens with him this off season. Rowdy Tellez is doing great in Buffalo, .329/.429/.657 with 7 home runs in his last 20 games.

Billy McKinney: Started 5 games. Hit .150/.190/.450 with 2 homer runs, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts.

Now he is Buffalo again.

In between

Lourdes Gurriel: played in 11 games, started 9. Hit .265/.375/.324 with 0 home runs, 4 walks and 11 strikeouts.

Good OBP but no power lately. He’s had his moments when he’s made just silly mistakes, but then he’ll make a terrific catch. That’s part of having a young team. UZR has him at a -1.5/150 in left. Part of that must be due to him playing so deep. He does have good speed, makes some very nice sliding catches. He hasn’t had an outfield assist in a few days, maybe teams have learned to be afraid of his arm.

Also Played

Reese McGuire: Played in 4 games since coming up. Hit .231/.231/.462, 1 home run, 0 walks, 4 strikeouts.

I like him as the backup catcher.

Derek Fisher: Played in 4 games, starting 2. Hitting .250/.250/.250 with 1 strikeout.

I find of feel sorry for him, everyone hates him for reasons he had no control over. Of course, getting hit in the face with a fly ball isn’t going to gain you fans. I do worry that he’ll have a bad couple of weeks, get sent to the minors and then we never see him again. But then, with rosters expanding in 4 weeks, I guess he’s likely here for the rest of the season. Unless he manages to injure himself trying to make a catch.

On the IL

Luke Maile: Oblique apparently. I haven’t heard any timeline. Not to put down Luke, but I’m happy that McGuire gets a chance.