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FanPost Friday: Tell us about your most memorable ballpark experience

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

So last week’s FanPost Friday netted us no posts. But I’m going to try it again.

This week tell us about your most memorial experience at the ballpark. It doesn’t have to be Blue Jays related, but extra points if it is.

I’ve told my story way too often, but I like it (and my wife will tell you that I only have 4 or 5 stories I like to tell, so they come out too much).

On our honeymoon (a few years ago, back when I had colour in my hair) we went to California and, among other things, watched a few baseball games. We saw A’s, Angels and Dodger home games.

We saw two game in Dodger Stadium. One of the games I got there with almost no gas left in the car but there was a gas station in the parking lot and I figured I could fill up there after the game. Of course, after the game, the traffic forced me in a different direction. But I saw Sunset Boulevard, which I had heard of and figured there would be a gas station. Well, there wasn’t for a long ways. And it wasn’t the nicest of areas. When I finally found one, I was running on fumes. And it was across from the 25 cent peep shows.

Anyway, that’s not the story.

We watched one game in good seats down low and one game in the nose bleeds. The Dodgers were playing the Expos. In the second game, my wife had a young Mexican boy and his dad beside her. The Expos didn’t have a good game, but finally scored in the 5th inning. My wife cheered. The little boy asked “why did you cheer?” Maureen said “We are Canadian”. The little boy and the dad spoke for a moment and then changed seats. I don’t know what they thought Canadian meant, but I have a feeling it was contagious.

At another game, another year, this one in Houston (at the Astrodome) and someone asked where were were from, and, to save explaining we said “Canada”. The person asked ‘is that on the Interstate between here and Houston?’

There are other favorites stories. Watching Jose Bautista hit a ball clear out of Fenway Park for his 49th home run of the season. My other story about Fenway is when the nice lady asked for ID before serving me beer. My son whispered in my ear “Where do you think she keeps her seeing eye dog?” Oh and the guy on the phone behind us who spent an inning on the phone explaining where he ‘paaaarked his caaaaaaa’. I was almost sure he kept talking about it for our amusement.

Anyway tell us your favorite story. I’ll leave the comments open this time, because some of the stories might be shorter, but do a FanPost if you can.