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Question time: Design your All-Time Blue Jays roster, batters edition

MLB: New York Mets at Toronto Blue Jays
I’m not tipping my hand, but I want him on my team. I want a good bit of swagger.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

There doesn’t seem to be much for Blue Jays news today (of course, as soon as I post this and head to the gym there will be news).

Well, the team has announced the dates for the Winter Fest: January 18-19, 2020, but there is nothing more for details. There is a Winter Tour mentioned too, but no details on that either.

So, lets do a question time: Design your all-time Blue Jays roster, NOT just as a collection of the best players who ever played for your Jays but gauging which players would actually work best together. Lets start with the batters, and we’ll do the pitchers next time.

Let’s say we have 14 spots for batters/fielders and 11 spots for pitchers (I know that teams carry more pitchers these days, but I’d rather have more bats and we’ll carry pitchers who can pitch some innings).

So put together the team, starters for each position and bench players/platoon guys. Extra points for thinking outside the box to figure how the players will fit together to make a winning squad. If you want to add a three-man taxi squad to cover for injuries, extra points for that too.

For me, this used to be the sort of thing I’d do on nights when I couldn’t sleep. I would pick a team and a era or decade and try to pick out the best team you could make with the players they had during that time (yes I’m strange). When I don’t sleep, it is because something is on my mind, that I can’t make myself stop so trying to figure the best players from the 1970s Cubs would block that stuff and help me fall asleep (Fergie Jenkins gets the #1 spot in the rotation, Billy Williams bats cleanup). It would help that Cubs in the 70s weren’t all that exciting.