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Question time: Tell us about your favorite Blue Jays moment of the season?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We have come to the end of another Blue Jays season. It was a long one, but give it a week or so and I’ll miss it.

I want to thank everyone for staying on this ride with us. There have been many many bad games. Bad baseball is better than no baseball. I have been trying to take a good moment out of each game and say “that’s why I’m watching”, but some times it has been hard to find that moment.

I keep looking at the three 100 loss seasons the Astros went through and think ‘how did their fans do it?’ We came up a little short of 100 losses and it seemed like way too many to me, and it was just one season.

I get the idea of rebuilds....I do, but I do wish that baseball didn’t give incentive to losing. It is a recent idea, it worked for the Cubs and Astros and, unfortunately anything that works, spreads through the league like a bad cold. Instead of looking for the next thing, teams always grab onto the last thing that worked.

Anyway, let’s hold off on doing 700 words on that, because I’m going to need subjects for posts over the next few months.

For today, tell us about your favorite moment of the Blue Jays season.

For me? Likely the July 27th game against the Rays. The Jays were down 9-2 after the top of the sixth, and 9-3 after the bottom of the inning and I was settling in for a long game.

We got 2 in the eighth on back-to-back homers from Brandon Drury and Teoscar Hernandez and I was thinking ‘well I got my good moment out of this’.

Then there was a 4-run ninth. The inning started with a Lourdes Gurriel double and a Randal Grichuk walk. Vlad followed with a home run to make it a 1-run game, with no outs. I was happy enouhg, I saw Vlad homer. After two strikeouts, I was still pretty happy, we made it close. Then Brandon Drury (his second of the game homered to tie the game. 15 on the season and I was there for 2).

Game went into extra innings, I’m always happy with free baseball, though I was looking forward to going for a nice meal after the game.

Then, in the 12th, Teoscar won it with his second home run of the game.

I had been looking forward to watching Ryan Borucki, making his second start (and last) start of the season. He came out after 2 innings and 6 earned. Sam Gaviglio gave up a couple more, in 3 innings of work. But then the rest of the bullpen held the line. 3 innings of 1-run ball from Wilmer Font and a scoreless inning each from David Phelps (making his second last appearance for the Jays), Ken Giles, Tim Mayza and Daniel Hudson each threw a scoreless inning.

We won’t talk about the game the next day (ok ok, the Rays had their own comeback win), but I have a messy scorecard to remind me of the Jays comeback.

Tell us about your favorite moment or game of the Blue Jays season.