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Question time: Design your All-Time Blue Jays roster, pitchers edition

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We did this little exercise to pick out our All-Time Blue Jays roster, hitters edition back here so it is time to pick out the pitchers you would take on your All-Time team

I suggested going with 14 batters, so that leaves us with 11 spaces for pitchers. So let’s pick 11 pitchers. And maybe 2 as a taxi squad.

For me, the tough choice is do I pick Roger Clemens? Roger had the 2 best seasons in Jays history, but a) he is a slimy person and b) he is the poster boy for PEDs (at least on the pitcher’s side).

My personal dislike for him was ramped up when it was found that Roger had PEDs delivered to his house he blamed his wife. I find that despicable (of course, in the news now Kevin O’Leary has thrown his wife under the bus for a boating accident that killed a person). I can’t see much worse than blaming your wife for something like that.

So I would have a hard time picking Clemens as one of my 11 pitchers.

But.....he went 41-13 with a 2.33 ERA in 67 starts as a Blue Jay, good for a 20.1 bWAR. He won 2 Cy Youngs for us and, by bWAR had the best season of his terrific career with the Blue Jays.

I’ve said, when talking about him in Hall of Fame voting, that I would have a hard time voting for him as dog catcher.

We had so admirable pitchers, I’d have a hard time giving one of eleven spots to someone like Roger.

Anyway, give us your choices for who would be part your all time Blue Jays pitching staff. Again, it doesn’t have to be just the ‘best players’ but the ones that you think would be the best staff.