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T.J. Zeuch and Beau Taylor are now the highest-numbered battery in Blue Jays history

Extreme numbers may mean that Beau Taylor and Clayton Richard could set another record in 2019.

Composite image. T.J. Zeuch (left) from Brett Davis/USA Today; Beau Taylor (right) from Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
A composite photo of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher T.J. Zeuch and catcher Beau Taylor.

When pitcher T.J. Zeuch, wearing #71, made his major league debut last night against catcher Beau Taylor, wearing #72, they became the highest-numbered battery in Blue Jays history with a sum of 143 between their two uniform numbers.

The previous record was set on September 6, 2018 when Reese McGuire (#70) caught Justin Shafer (#66) for a sum of 136. Both McGuire and Shafer have since changed their numbers to something lower (#10 and #50, respectively).

The record low sum for a Blue Jays battery is 7, set on August 11, 2017 when Marcus Stroman (#6) threw to Raffy Lopez (#1), who replaced the injured Russell Martin in the second inning.

Currently the record for the greatest difference in the battery numbers (can we call this the greatest voltage battery?) is 62 when Danny Jansen (#9) caught Luis Santos (#71) on August 13, 2018. The record could be broken if Beau Taylor catches Clayton Richard (#2), for a difference of 70.