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Thursday Bantering: How to watch tonight’s YouTube only game

And other Jays stuff.

MLB: SEP 02 Blue Jays at Braves

We get a YouTube only game tonight. It won’t even by on MLB.TV. I haven’t watched one of these yet this season. I can only hope it will be better than the Facebook games of last year.

Apparently there are 13 of these games this year. Here is a direct link to tonight’s game.

You can see the rest of the games on the schedule on the MLB YouTube channel.

One of my problems with the Facebook games was finding the game. I’m not a big Facebook user (one of my problems with Facebook is finding out that some of my ‘friends’ have political views that I find hard to take. If I have one more person tell me how terrible it is that they aren’t allowed to say Merry Christmas I’ll dump Facebook). So I’m not great at navigating in it.

I guess I’m going to see how my ‘smart’ TV does with YouTube.

Buck is going to be in the booth. Someone named Stephen Nelson is doing play-by-play and former Rays first baseman Carlos Pena will also be in the booth. Can never get enough guys in the booth, can’t have any dead air, don’t let the game breathe at all.

I’m going to try to keep an open mind, but I do pay for cable TV, and watching the games on TV I get a very good picture. YouTube and streaming services don’t get the same picture resolution. I’ve got MLB.TV on right now and sometimes the picture jumps. Sometimes it has trouble keeping up with the ball on throws or hits.

I’m sure most of you saw this, but we have a few minor league coaches leaving the organization:

  • Buffalo manager Bobby Meacham.
  • New Hampshire manager Mike Mordecai. He is going to be head coach at Northside Methodist Academy, in Alabama.
  • Lansing hitting coach Logan Bone.
  • GCL pitching coach Mark Worrell.
  • Player development video coordinator Ryan Monsevalles.

There is some change over at the end of each season.

Aaron Sanchez just can’t catch a break. The term ‘procedure’ worries me. At first they said he was out with pectoral soreness. I wonder if the Astros will give him a contract for next year:

There are two Blue Jays prospects in the GCL All-Star team. Orelvis Martinez (SS), who hit .275/.352/.549 with 7 home runs in 40 games, and Alberto Rodriguez (OF), who hit .301/.364/.422 with 2 home runs and 13 steals in 47 games.

One of the questions that needs an answer for next season is ‘Is Teoscar Hernandez really our center fielder?’


In 2020 is Teoscar Hernandez our regular center fielder?

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