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Happy New Year

Rio de Janeiro Rings In The New Year Photo by Wagner Meier/Getty Images

It’s the start of a bright shiny New Year. I’ve been making the joke about it being the first time I’ve seen 20-20 in years.

One of the signs my dad’s mental state was slipping was him telling us how his vision was getting better because a friend in BC had sent him some vitamins and it fixed his vision (of course he also said the same people in BC could cure cancer, I suggested if you cure cancer you wouldn’t keep it a secret because if you could cure cancer you would have all the money). My sister has fun telling a story about him telling his doctor his vision was better and he didn’t need glasses anymore. Later the doctor gave him something to sign and dad said he couldn’t because he didn’t have his glasses. My sister says neither he nor the doctor understood why she started laughing.

Since there isn’t much for Blue Jays news this morning, I thought I’d ask you for your Jays predictions for the season.

Other than thinking that the team is coming to be much more fun to watch, I don’t have much for predictions. I’m glad we are past the tear-down part and entering the rebuild part.

I’m thinking we should see a Vlad Guerrero who hits more like the guy we were expecting last year. I’m thinking that I’m going to be upset if Teoscar Hernandez with the guy in center field.

I think we are going to see more of Derek Fisher than we would like.

If you have a resolution you would like to share with us, you can do it here too. Mine? I want to read more books. I got to the end of 2019 realizing that I had read like two books. I got a couple for Christmas, started both, I figure the one that interests me more will get read quick. One is an autobiography of Stan Lee. The other is ‘We are the Weather’ which I’m enjoying, 30 pages in. I also have The Sandman Omnibuses, I want to read Sandman all the way through before the Netflix series comes out.

The other is to continue getting into shape. Last year was somewhat of an success in getting towards the shape I want. I’d like it to continue this year. I am doing the MS Bike Ride again this year (if you would like to donate I’d appreciate it). Last year day one of the ride was into a hard wind and I only finished because I knew there was beer at the end. The second day there was no wind and it went much easier. This year I want to be ready for the wind. It is Alberta, there is going to be a wind. The first year I did it, we went into the wind on the first day and day two the wind turned around and it was into the wind the second day too. It did not go well.

I’d like to say I resolve not to let how the Jays perform influence my mood as much as it has in the past but let’s stick to resolutions that might actually come true.

Happy New Year. I hope it is an enjoyable year for us all.