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Friday Bantering: Shoemaker and Drury Sign

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Toronto Blue Jays Vs Baltimore Orioles Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Blue Jays have avoided arbitration with Matt Shoemaker and Brandon Drury.

Shoemaker will make $4.2 million this coming season. Hopefully he’ll be able to stay healthy. If he can make 30 starts, we could have a decent starting rotation.

Drury gets $2.05 million.

That leaves Ken Giles has the last arbitration eligible player without a deal. With the deadline at 1:00 Eastern today, we’ll either hear that they have signed him soon or he’ll be going in front of an arbitrator.

Mookie Betts and the Red Sox settled on $27 million to save them from going to arbitration, setting a new record. And Jackie Bradley signed for $11 million.

Jayson Stark writes about changes he thinks are coming to the MLB.

What do you think of the idea of a DH in both leagues, but the DH only staying in the game for as long as the starting pitcher is in the game. Personally I don’t think MLB would ever do that.

Stark also thinks we’ll have robot umpires calling balls and strikes by 2029 (what will we complain about if that happens?). And that extra inning game will disappear (I would hate that).

I tend to think these changes won’t come as quickly as Jayson says.