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Tuesday Bantering: Prospects, Donaldson

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Arizona Fall League All Star Game Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It is -30 here (and that’s not counting the wind chill which makes it seem far far worse). But I have a fire going in the fireplace and I’ve got enough firewood in the house to get me through today. I very very much do not want to go outside again today. But I have a guitar, I have books from Christmas, I have my computer with OOTP Baseball, so I think I can make it through.

MLB Pipeline has it’s list of Top 10 MLB right-handed pitching prospects and Nate Pearson is in the number 2 spot, behind just Casey Mize from the Tigers. They also list Pearson in a tie for Best Fastball saying:

Pearson and Kopech regularly operate in the upper 90s and push into triple-digit territory with late run that makes their fastballs even more difficult to hit, though Kopech did miss all of 2019 following Tommy John surgery. Pearson famously hit 104 mph during the Arizona Fall League’s 2018 Fall Stars Game, while Kopech reached 105 during a 2017 start in high Class A.

Our old friend, Josh Donaldson, signed a big time contract with the Twins. He’s getting $84 million over 4 years and then has an option for a 5th year at $16 million with an $8 million buyout. He’s 34 now, so it’s a bit a gamble but the AL Central is wide open for the taking so he might be enough to make them the favorite.

The big news from yesterday was the announcement of the punishment for the Astros. And I see the Astros’ owner has fired his GM and manager. It’s likely the right move since he has to hire guys for those spots for this year anyway, and they weren’t likely to get anyone good to take the roles for just one season. That’s a pretty massive punishment for them, I’d guess they will never hold jobs of that type in baseball again.

Losing their first and second round picks for two seasons is a pretty big punishment. The $5 million, on the other hand, is nothing.

I’m not sure what else they could have done. The idea of taking away the World Series win seems a waste of time. They have already celebrated, it isn’t like we can go back in time and stop them from spraying champagne around. Once the series is over it is a little late to do anything about it. I don’t see that saying they are taking away the World Series win as actually doing anything, They would still celebrate it in years to come in Houston. I don’t think it would change anything.


Would the proper punishment be taking away the Astros’ World Series

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Would the proper punishment for the Astros would be taking their first and second draft pick for 5 years?

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Would the proper punishment be the Astros paying $50 million?

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  • 37%
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The MLB’s punishment was

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  • 66%
    Not enough
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  • 29%
    Just right
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  • 3%
    Too harsh
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Late add: The Red Sox have fired manager Ale Cora, trying to get ahead of the punishment for their sign stealing.

And Richard Griffin has a suggestion for any team looking for a manager: