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Thursday Bantering

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Toronto Blue Jays Introduce Shun Yamaguchi Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Happy Thursday. I’m getting ready for a weekend in Montreal. My wife found an art exhibit she wants to see and we are going to go to the Canadians’ game. I grew up a Habs fan. My dad hated the Canadians (hated should have a capital H, my dad was one who would yell at the TV and think the refs were against his team. Didn’t matter the sport. Didn’t matter if he had a favorite team playing, one team was always being ripped off. Took me years to realize that he had a stressful job (and a stressful home life with three kids) and he took out his frustrations on the TV, which was much better than taking it out on me). Since my Dad hated the Canadians, naturally my brother and I loved them.

When I was a kid, the Canadians won every year. I figured I could cheer for them and be happy or cheer for someone else and be depressed. And I loved Larry Robinson. Getting to watch a game in Montreal will be a treat.

Eno Sarris, for the Athletic, took a look at the new stat Outs Above Average. One of the things he tells us is that the difference between UZR and OAA is defensive positioning. And, using that, he suggests that the Blue Jays were the worse in the majors at defensive positioning. OAA has the Jays at a +10.0, UZR has them at -14.4.

Of course, we remember many times where the Blue Jays had balls rolling past the infield for a hit. Hopefully the team can use this information to improve what they do. has a Blue Jays top 50 prospects list out. Of course Nate Pearson is at the top of the list. Simeon Woods Richardson sits 4th and Anthony Kay 6th. There are 2 catchers in the top 10, Alejandro Kirk and Gabriel Moreno are 7th and 8th. Elvis Luciano is 23rd.

Take a look and see what stands out for you.

Shi Davidi covers the Shun Yamaguchi press conference. Lots of nice things are said about Shun (of course).

The funny bit of the press conference was Shun explaining why he didn’t follow his dad’s footsteps into Sumo wrestling. He didn’t want his butt showing in public. I think that is good reasoning.

Gibby is interviewing for the Astros manager job. I hope he gets it. Baseball is better with him in the game.

This seems the most tone deaf take on the cheating going on in the MLB:

Stay warm.