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Larry Walker voted into the Hall of Fame

Also some guy name Jeter makes it.

Montreal Expos Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Larry Walker was on 76.6% of the ballots, so he made it to the Hall of Fame by 6 votes on his last chance. I’m thrilled for him. He deserves it. And he was a favorite of mine so I’m happy.

Walker is the second Canadian player to make it to the Hall, joining Ferguson Jenkins.

And, of course, Derek Jeter made it, coming one vote short of 100%. I’m not sad that we don’t have our second Yankee with 100% after Rivera got it last year.

I’d love to go see Walker inducted, but I think the Jeter stuff would be too much for me. Curt Schilling had 70% of the vote. I’m thinking he makes it next year, unless he says something stupid between now and then. Clemens 61% and Bonds 60.7%. Vizquel got to 53.6% and Rolen 35.3%. I don’t understand Vizquel getting more of the vote than Scott.

This is great, video of Walker getting the news:

The full list (everyone under 5% falls off the ballot). We’ll post our votes tomorrow.