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Wednesday Bantering: Poll Results

And bits of Jays news

2019 Spring Training: Milwaukee Brewers v. Toronto Blue Jays

Our Hall of Fame polls ended with the same two, Walker and Jeter, getting enough of the vote to get into the hall. Our poll had Walker getting more of the vote (which is fair, we are Canadian).

I would love to see the Jays get Walker to throw out the first pitch on opening day, but I’d imagine the Rockies might have first dibs. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to honor him early in the season.

I enjoyed going to the Hall of Fame Induction for Roy Halladay, and I’d like to see Walker go in, but going two years in a row might be hard to sell to my wife.

Where we differed from the Writers vote by more than 10%:

  • Our vote was 16 percentage points higher on Walker.
  • We were 18 points lower on Jeter.
  • We were 24 points lower on Vizquel (I don’t get why the writers are so into Vizquel).
  • We were 24 points higher on Rolen (who, to me is a much better candidate).
  • We were 28 points higher on Sheffield.
  • We were 22 points higher on Sheffield.
  • We were 23 points lower on Schilling.
  • We were 35 points higher on Pettitte (I’m surprised how poorly Andy did in the Writers’ vote).
  • We were 16 points higher on Helton.
  • We were 25 points higher on Jones
  • We were 17 points higher on Abreu.
  • We were 17 points higher on Giambi (who, unfortunately, is a one and out).
  • We were 11 points higher on Lee (who is also one and out).
  • We were 10 points higher on Soriano (another one and out).

Our poll for the 20th best Blue Jays moment of the decade was the David Price trade. .

On the day of the trade, the Blue Jays were 41-38, which had us 4th in the AL East, 6 games back of Rays. The rest of the way we went 40-18 and we finished first, with a 6 game lead.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the Price trade (and the Tulowitzki trade) gave the team a boost. We don’t know if the team would have gone on a good run without the trade, but I’d think it would have been unlikely that we would have done as well.

Price went 9-1 with a 2.30 ERA in 11 starts for the Jays after the trade. And when he wasn’t pitching he played the role of the lead cheerleader. We’ve been told how great he was in the clubhouse.

I wouldn’t be against trading for him again.

The Jays made a few minor league signings over the last few days, while I was enjoying a little mini-holiday in Montreal. They signed C Patrick Cantwell, RHP Ryan Dull, C Caleb Joseph, INF Joe Panik and INF Rubén Tejada.

I’d think the player with the best chance of making the team is Joe Panik (baring injuries).

Caleb Joseph gives us a little more catching depth. You might remember that the Jays and Joseph have a history. Back in September of 2014 Joseph blocked the plate when Jose Reyes coming home. It appeared that Caleb stood on Jose’s fingers during it. I’m sure accidentally, but Marcus Stroman at least appeared to think it was intentional. Marcus threw a pitch near Joseph’s head in his next at bat.

Marcus stayed in the game (and struck out Joseph) but was suspended for 6 games.

You might remember that, when Marcus came back to the bench, Mark Buehrle talked to Marcus. It seemed like Mark was telling Stroman that throwing at a player’s head is the wrong way to deal with things. I don’t remember Stroman having any similar issues after that.

Here is video of the pitch, I’m surprised that Marcus wasn’t tossed:

Baseball America has put out their top 100 prospects list. There are three Blue Jays on it:

  • Nate Pearson is #7.
  • Jordan Groshans is #29.
  • Simeon Woods Richardson is #61.

About Simeon they say:

Skinny: One of the prizes received by Toronto in the Marcus Stroman trade, Woods Richardson mixes an intriguing arsenal of four average or better pitches with impeccable control. He’ll pitch all of 2020 as a 19-year-old and could find himself on the verge of making the big leagues by season’s end.