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Happy Birthday, Tom!

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Wishing Mr Dakers the happiest of birthdays

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
All of us, celebrating Tom’s birthday, probably.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

A Birthday Poem, by Kate S. (w contributions from Minor Leaguer)

Tom just went to Montreal
And got Larry Walker elected to the Hall
He rides his bike very far
Last year he bought a brand new car
He writes on this site every day
When the rest of us can’t come up with things to say
On this day may we suggest
Leaving Tom wishes for the very best?*
(*year ahead filled with Blue Jays wins and time to play his new banjo guitar)

Tom has been a part of this site for over a decade. He has written 8662 posts (!), and left over 135,000 comments (only a thousand of those have been in response to me when I share things in the comments of a post he already covered that in).

This place wouldn’t be what it is without everything Tom pours into this site, so on this day (and every day) we are grateful for him.

Happy Birthday, Tom! May your evening be filled with quality time with your loved ones, and an ice cold beverage!