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Friday Bantering: Brock Holt

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And road trips?

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

We are low on Blue Jays news again.

About the only thing out there is the rumor that they are interested in Brock Holt, which would be ok by me.

Over the last couple of years he hit .286/.366/.407 with 10 home runs in 196 games. I’m good with us getting someone who can get on base. And he’s played every position other than catcher.

He’d be a nice upgrade from Brandon Drury and/or Derek Fisher.

And he has Buck and Pat’s seal of approval, for whatever that’s worth. I get the feeling he is waiting to see if the Red Sox give him an offer before he signs anywhere else. Whether we want another guy whose dream job is with the Red Sox is another question.

Beyond that I don’t really have anything to talk about at the moment, so use the thread for whatever you want to talk about.

Maybe I’ll start with a couple of questions:

  • Is anyone planing on going to Dunedin for spring training?
  • Is anyone planing on going to Montreal for the last couple of spring games?
  • Any road trips planned to go see the Jays? I’m wanting to go to KC this year. I’d like to see the Negro League Hall of Fame, and it is a stadium I haven’t been to yet.

The Jays are in Seattle at the July, Seattle is a lot of fun to visit, especially with 30,000 Blue Jays fans. I guess we can be a pain, but I think the people of Seattle should be happy with all the money we pump into their economy.

Anyway, tell us about what baseball road trips you are thinking about this coming season.