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Wednesday Bantering

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

There isn’t much for Blue Jays stuff out there.

Baseball Savant has released a new method of evaluating defense for infielders. They are calling it Outs Above Average. They define it:

Outs Above Average (OAA) is the cumulative effect of all individual Catch Probability plays a fielder has been credited or debited with, making it a range-based metric of fielding skill that accounts for the number of plays made and the difficulty of them. For example, a fielder who catches a 25% Catch Probability play gets +.75; one who fails to make the play gets -.25.

By this our best infielder was Freddy Galvis (this includes his time with the Reds). In the MLB he’s number 10 among 139 rated infielders. Next is Cavan Biggio who sits 21st.

At the bottom of the list is Vladimir Guerrero, who ranks 139th among the 139 infielders rated. Vlad has a -16 Outs Above Average (tied with Jorge Polanco, but then Polanco played 46 more games). I’d play Vlad at third again next year, but if his defense doesn’t improve, they will need to move him.

Bo Bichette is on the negative side too, sitting at number 108 of 139).

The Jays on the list:

Take a look at it and see what you think.

I really thought that Ken Giles would be traded by now. But now, they might as well keep him at least into spring training and see if a team has an injury that makes them want to make a big offer for him. Or, if not, keep him and see how the season goes.


Ken Giles will be

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