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Happy Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving Dinner Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving to all. This is a different Thanksgiving. At my house, we go around the table saying what makes us thankful. There is always an argument about who goes first because the first one gets the easy one ‘family’. This year, it is a little harder to find things to be thankful for, but it is good to be reminded that there are good things amid all the crappy stuff.

I’m thankful for my family. Boys that never fail to make me proud and make me laugh. I look at them and wish I could that their great qualities and absorb them into my character. My wife is far too good for me but has the good nature to pretend not to notice. She puts up with my baseball obsession and puts up living around more guitars than any one person should own.I am thankful for baseball. I didn’t think this season should happen, and, at various times, I was sure it wouldn’t make it to the finish line. But I’m delighted it did. Having that be of normalcy helped get me through a summer that was far from ordinary.

I’m thankful that I still get to play in this sandbox. It has been over 12 years now. I’m always somewhat surprised when I get my crate of cheese doodles for the next month. I figure that, sooner or later, they will figure I don’t know what I’m doing.I’m thankful for everyone who comes by the site to read, comment, or lurk.

I’m thankful for the others who write here. This has been a more challenging year than usual to come up with things to write, so they all deserve congratulations for getting through the season.That said, if you would like to join our little merry band of misfits, send me an email. We can always use more voices.

I’m thankful for the friends that I’ve made from the site. Some of the people I consider my best friends I’ve met through this site. And I’ve made several email friends. It is nice to get an email that isn’t spam occasionally.I’m thankful that through this pandemic, my parents, my family, my friends have (knocking on wood) remained healthy. My parents seem to be in the one seniors care place in the country that hasn’t had an outbreak. With them being careful, I’ve only been able to see them a couple of times over the last several months, but I’d rather they be careful, and my parents stay healthy than not.

Share what makes you thankful.