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Prediction Time: World Series

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers - Game Two Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Both LCS were excellent. Terrific games. Great defense. Some fun mistakes (fun when you aren’t a fan of the team making the mistakes). Seven games in both series. And the Astros lost, which might be the best part.

Some of us got both series right. Me, J-74, Kid Crumpet3 and cbop all picked the Rays and Dodgers. Kidcrumpet was only off by one game in guessing how many games the two series would go, so he is the winner. Good job sir.

Give us your pick for the winner of the World Series, the number of games and total runs scored as a tie breaker.

And tell us anything else that you think might happen during the series. I know I’ll be wishing for the commentators to take a rest occasionally. I’d like a ‘park sounds’ broadcast.

I’m picking the Dodgers in 6 games. And 38 total runs score.

And separately, tell us who you are cheering for. Me? I don’t care, but I’m hoping for 7 games, because it will be a long winter after the series is over.


For whom are you cheering in the World Series?

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