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Wednesday Bantering: World Series Thoughts

MLB: World Series-Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Dodgers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

No more baseball for who knows how long. I feel like I’m going to need the site as a group therapy thing.

I can watch NFL, but I don’t have a team. I used to cheer for any team that had a former CFL player at QB. I think I need suggestions for which team to cheer.

Only baseball can have their league championship game over-shadowed by another story. I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but Justin Turner came out of the game after a positive COVID test, which (they tell us) came in during the game. Hopefully, it came in during the game. If it comes out that they knew before the game, there is a whole bigger story out there.

There are a lot of questions:

  • The reporting is that Turner had an inconclusive test result before the game, and then a fast-tracked test positive result came in during the game. Should he have been on the field with an inconclusive test? Shouldn’t those results be treated as positive until proven otherwise?
  • If the Dodgers broke the rules, what is the punishment?
  • Turner, reportedly, was told to leave the park and didn’t. Why would that be allowed?
  • Turner was on the field celebrating. How could that be allowed?
  • There are pictures of him kissing his wife during the celebration. I get that people don’t take this stuff seriously, but wouldn’t you want to protect your wife?
  • Obviously, all Dodger players should be isolated now. Will they be?

Baseball has this great ability to shoot itself in the foot.

We know what the first line in Kevin Cash’s obituary will be: The man that pulled Blake Snell from game six of the World Series.

5.1 innings in, Snell gives up a soft contact hit. At this point, he has 9 strikeouts, and he is at 73 pitches.

And Cash pulls him from the game.

I understand that third time through the order batting stats go way up. And I get that things can go wrong in a hurry. But sometimes a manager has to use his eyes.

Add in that Nick Anderson hasn’t looked good in the playoffs. It just didn’t look like a good decision.

I was thinking that the Rays were putting themselves in an excellent spot for game 7. The Dodgers were using their entire pen, and the Rays looked like they were going to get 7+ innings out of Snell.

It was a terrific World Series. After watching, I think Randy Arozarena is the best player in baseball.

Now I’m going to stare out the front window (after it being +17 yesterday, it is snowing this morning) and wait for baseball.