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Wednesday Bantering: Jays Links

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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Nicholas T. LoVerde/Getty Images

I almost never remember dreams, but this morning I was woken by a dream that I was in a crowd of people, no one wearing masks and I’m in a panic to get away. I mentioned this to my son saying ‘I wonder if, when this is all over, a lot of us will have fears of being in crowded places’. He, of course, focused on the ‘when this is over’. He might be right, this may continue for a long time. I saw a poll on how many people would take a vaccine when if is offered and it was very low.


The Athletic has a long story post on Sam Dyson’s girlfriend Alexis Blackburn’s, allegations of abuse.You might remember Sam Dyson, he holds a spot as one of my favorite closers, right up there with Mitch Williams. Dyson, of course, threw a fit because Jose Bautista flipped his bat. Well, because someone told him that Bautista flipped his bat, saying it was disrespecting him, even though Dyson wasn’t looking when it happened.

How come it is the unwritten rules guys who turn out to be the worst jerks in real life?

Our Fall Development League roster is out. We have a list of prospects and roster filler types. It is good that they get some playing time. Keeping them healthy in Florida might be a challenge.

With only three outfielders, some of the infielders will be getting time in the outfield. I would love Chavez Young to take a big step forward. He could be the glove we need in center and I’d love to see his speed on the bases.

Curtis Taylor and Dasan Brown are the Canadians on the list.

Orelvis Martinez is the youngest on the list, and might be the best prospect.

David Singh, over at Sportsnet, wrote about Charlie Montoyo returning home to his family

His wife had a complaint:

Then, she told her husband, Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo, something that she wanted to yell through the TV all season whenever cameras caught him fidgeting with his face wear: “‘I swear to God, if you touch that mask one more time,’” Samantha recalled, laughing.

In opinions I don’t share, Lauren Theisen writes that the Yankees are the good guys in their series with the Rays. The reasoning? Because they don’t spend much money? Well, no because the Yankees are few to watch.

The Yankees are never the good guys.

Gregor Chisholm, in his mailbag, suggests the Jays will try to trade Randal Grichuk. I really think the team needs a very good defensive center fielder and shortstop. Getting better at those two spots would make the team defense so much better.

Keith Law suggested that Bo Bichette could be a Gold Glove sent baseman (of course, he is also thinks that Cavan Biggio isn’t good so maybe he isn’t the best judge). I think Bo at second and Cavan at third (with a full spring training to work on his defense there), with a good glove at short would give the team a good defensive infield.

Gregor also talks about how the team will inquire about Francisco Lindor, like every team in the league, but the only way they would trade for him is if they can negotiate a long term contract.

Someone also asked about an idea we talked about, doing a series in Buffalo next season (presuming, of course, we can play in Toronto next year) as a thank you for hosting the team this year.

Maclean’s has a story about the Jays cutout fans, talking to Geddy Lee.

When The Natural was in theatres, Lee was in the middle of an American tour. He recalls sitting in the second row of a Wichita Aeros minor-league game on June 14, 1984. Rush was in town for a show the next day, and a fireballer named Brad “the Animal” Lesley dedicated a strikeout to Lee—“This one’s for the Necromancer,” the pitcher barked from the mound, referencing one of the band’s prog-rock epics. Lesley whiffed the batter and won the game.