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FanPost Monday: Rank your favorite MLB teams, first to last

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

I’m going to restart an old idea, slightly renamed. FanPost Mondays. What the game, you ask? Well, on Monday I’m going to suggest a topic and, hopefully, some of you will write a FanPost on the topic. If you are thinking that this is just a way to get you guys to do my job for me, then you are way too smart to hang around here.

Later in the week, Thursday or Friday, we’ll have a post recapping the responses.

This week: Rank the 30 MLB teams from your favourite (the Blue Jays) to your least favourite (in my case the Yankees).

So just walk us through your personal ranking of the MLB teams, with an explanation of why they rank that way.

Use whatever criteria you like, but rank them all. No saying Blue Jays number 1, all others number 30. Give us a line or two (or more if you like) telling us why they fit where they do. Maybe you had a bad experience in Yankee Stadium (honestly, I haven’t, people there have been very nice each time I’ve been there). Maybe it was a lot of fun going to Seattle and watching the Jays will 20,000 other Blue Jays fans. Maybe you sat in front of a drunk idiot at Fenway Park (I’m sure I’m not the only one). Other than the Jays being number 1, there are no right or wrong answers.

If you haven’t written a FanPost before, this is your chance to try it. If you are a veteran, show us how it is done.

Get started here.

No answering the question in the comment. We want FanPosts. The side benefit is get people using the FanPost area. When I first came to the site, the FanPost area was was my favorite part of Bluebird Banter and it is being under used lately.