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Wednesday Bantering: Cubs open to trades, who would you want?

Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

I had a rather major fish tank disaster yesterday, so I’m going to be missing today.

But, with Theo Epstein leaving the Cubs, and the news that there is going to be a fire sale of any Cub player who makes more than the minimum, I thought I’d ask which Cub you would most like to see come to the Blue Jays.

I honestly thought Epstein had a job for life after winning a World Series for the Cubs. But, when he is ready, he’ll have all the job offers he could want. I’d imagine the Mets will offer him a fortune if he’d give up his year off.

Epstein had a press release that said:

For the rest of my life, I will cherish having been part of the great Chicago Cubs organization during this historic period. All of the things that have made this experience so special — the fans, the players, the managers and coaches, ownership, my front office colleagues, the uniqueness of the Wrigley experience, the history — make it so tough to leave the Cubs. But I believe this is the right decision for me even if it’s a difficult one. And now is the right time rather than a year from now.

The organization faces a number of decisions this winter that carry long-term consequences; those types of decisions are best made by someone who will be here for a long period rather than just one more year. Jed has earned this opportunity and is absolutely the right person to take over this baseball operation at such an important time.

Who might the Cubs want to move? Well, MLB Trade Rumors says that they are open to trading any veteran.

Javier Baez (who won the NL Gold Glove at short this year), Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Wilson Contreras, Anthony Rizzo, Craig Kimbrel, Yu Darvish, Jason Heyward, Kyle Hendricks and David Bote all will be available at a price. Darvish has a no-trade list, and almost everyone with a no-trade list has the Jays on it, but you could likely get him to waive that. Bryant would be fun to watch at third base.

Is there anyone you think the Jays should go after?

They haven’t announced, but since Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins are still working, they must have signed a contract extension. But it would be nice to know how long a contract they have.

Cody Bellinger is getting should surgery, which, one would think, might alter the way MLB players will celebrate in the future.