Ranking My Favourite Teams

In an effort to balance out the amount of time I spend reading BBB versus the amount of time I spend contributing to BBB, I'm taking a shot at the FanPost Monday assignment to rank all 30 MLB teams.

Ordered lists and stats are a big part of my life. But I still found this task very challenging. It's easy enough to pick the top and bottom five teams. It's those middle 20 that cause some problems. My rankings are mostly based on sentimentality and memories from my youth. At the same time I also tried to be "scientific" about this by looking at pairs of teams and asking myself "who would I cheer for if they played each other?" I did that for about ten minutes, then realized I'm too slow at decision making to follow this through to the end. I'm sure if you ask me to do this again in a week, I'll have different answers.

This list will go in order from favourite to least favourite. So, scroll to the end if you want to work your way back up.

Here we go.

Top 5

1. Blue Jays - Naturally. Also helps that I started to gain an interest in baseball during the summer of 1992.

2. Twins - Closest team geographically to my hometown. Also the first game I ever went to was in the Metrodome. Target Field has this crazy metal wall on the parking garage that moves with the wind. Something worth checking out.

3. Athletics - Moneyball! As someone that loves sabermetrics, I really want them to succeed.

4. Angels - My all-time favourite headline was posted after the Angels won game 6 of the 2002 WS: "Angels don't die, they go to seven!". Also helps that they beat the Giants in that WS. Would also like to see Mike Trout succeed in the playoffs.

5. Diamondbacks - They make it here on the strength of the 2001 walk-off WS win. I was in my first year of university watching in my dorm's "Board Room" (because someone else had booked the TV lounge) with seven other people. All but one of us were cheering against the Yankees. It was sweet.

Top Middle 10

6. Marlins - Until this year it was two playoff appearances and two WS Championships.

7. Atlanta - Wish they could have won more WS in the 90s. Fun fact, I have an unfinished season that I started 14 years ago on the N64. My team is Atlanta. My lineup includes Knobloch, Jeter, Big Mac, Sosa, Bonds, Walker, Chipper, Ivan Rodriguez. Why the CPU let those trades happen, I'll never know. Maybe one day I'll finish that season.

8. Pirates - I've always loved that yellow bridge. Closest I ever came to catching a foul ball was in this stadium.

9. Mariners - Jays expansion buddies. Would love to see a game there when the Jays play.

10. Padres - Rooting for them to succeed. Was bummed when they were swept in the WS. Their mascot and I share too many things in common.

11. Rays - Must be an underdog thing.

12. Dodgers - Not that evil. Also, Joe Kelly looks very similar to one of my co-workers.

13. Rockies - Rocktober was fun while it lasted.

14. Brewers - Love the beer slide. Is that still a thing?

15. Cardinals - The chase in '98 puts them up here.

Bottom Middle 10

16. Cubs - See 15.

17. Phillies - Best relief pitcher in '93.

18. Orioles - The "Thank you, Alex!" chant gets them this high. "What are you going to do now, Buck?"

19. White Sox - They are a team in the AL Central.

20. Nationals - Hey, remember when the Expos existed?

21. Reds - Was at a game where they scored seven runs with two outs in the 9th to beat Cleveland.

22. Cleveland - Nice stadium.

23. Tigers - I feel that old-school Jays fans will wonder why I don't have them lower.

24. Mets - Mets gonna Mets.

25. Royals - Ugh. They were fun to cheer for at some point. Then they started winning and it wasn't fun.

Bottom 5

26. Rangers - Feel bad that they were so close to a WS. But there is a stink on that team that I just don't like. Also maybe a little jealous that they've had two new stadiums in such a short time.

27. Giants - They've won enough and I'm not a fan of their colours.

28. Red Sox - I used to cheer for them a lot until they won the WS in 2004. Now they've fallen far.

29. Yankees - Mo money, Mo Rivera, Mo WS since 2009.

30. Astros - Trash Cans ... but they have a fantastic mascot. My children love watching his antics on YouTube.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed that trip down my memory lane as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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