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Tuesday Bantering: Jays Rumors

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American League Championship Series Game 7: Tampa Bay Rays v. Houston Astros Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday. It looks like my province is about to announce lockdowns, only a month or so later than they should have. I do feel sorry for business owners. I have a favorite bar, and they have been cautious and firm in enforcing the rules. I thought they were doing pretty good, but they tell me they are down 30% from last year, mostly due to the lack of hockey. But our numbers are terrible, and something has to change. My friend said our premier (in hiding) wasn’t going to do anything until every senior center had an outbreak. So far, my parents’ place seems to be the one place that hasn’t had a problem.

Ken Rosenthal tells us that the Blue Jays went after Kevin Gausman before he took the Giants QO. Ken says the Jays offered $40 million over 3 years. Gausman decided the $18.9 million for 1 year was a better deal. That’s a tough choice.

Rosenthal also tells us that the Jays are after DJ LeMahieu, but he is most likely to sign back with the Yankees. He also tells us that DJ is a big hockey fan,wh I don’t know if that helps the Jays case.

And Rosenthal says we are in on George Springer. I get the feeling the Jays are talking to all free agents, to, at least, see if there is a match.

The team has also talked to Justin Turner (hopefully at a distance) and Michael Brantley.

The Braves have signed Charlie Morton to a 1-year, $15 million contract. The Rays declined his option year at that same $15 million. The Braves rotation will be excellent again next year.

Stay safe.